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Our Purpose

Is to help individuals and organizations Create Extraordinary Impact through experiential workshops, training and guidance.

Your Purpose Is to Create Extraordinary Impact


Our clients, individuals and organizations, are successful and accomplished.  And they sense there is more: more to learn, more to accomplish, more to contribute.

Does Your Organization:

  • Need a workforce that is fully engaged, creative and agile?

  • Want crisp effective strategy execution?

  • Want to improve total customer experience?

  • Have too many communication breakdowns and challenges?

  • Want collaborative teams that are performing optimally?

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Do You:

  • Want clarity of purpose and focus?

  • Desire meaningful, connected relationships?

  • Feel stuck, not making the progress you want?

  • Want the confidence and courage to act on your intuitive knowing?

  • Want more fun, play and aliveness in your life?

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Quantum Leaders is quick to sift the wheat from the chaff. They get you focused on the issues and put in front of you the key blockers to achieving your success. They bring much clarity to complex personal and business issues. Marvin Hoffman

Vice Chairman, National Technical Systems

What Makes Our Approach Unique?


Through years of experience we’ve discovered three critical processes that help people and organizations move past barriers to achieve greater success and satisfaction.

Reframe how you see life and your challenges to reveal unseen possibilities. (Learn more…)

Deepen your connection to your calm inner wisdom to guide your decisions and build confidence. (Learn more…)

Express yourself with confidence; take action in the face of uncertainty and complexity. (Learn more…)

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