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CEO succession and Leadership

In my recent entry I spoke of the challenge of selecting a leader and what we can learn from the current presidential candidates.  In a recent post by Idris Mootee “Visionary Leaders with Purposes Are Not Easy to Replace” he raises the example of Steve Jobs, the visionary leader of Apple Computer. I loved his

The importance of Leadership style As President or as CEO

In a recent New Your Times article on the role Carolyn Kennedy played in the Democratic Vice President search team, she made an interesting comment that I thought merited commenting on. “I’ve campaigned with him and seen him in large settings,” Ms. Kennedy said, “but to see the way he asked questions, listened, brought people

Leadership lessons from the political scene

I just went to see the movie Swing Vote and while I would not say it was a great movie, it had a really important and significant message.  Not only for the political season we are currently in but for all of us who are in a position of leadership. In the movie, by a

The importance of empathy for leaders

Empathy and compassion are two traits that are truly hard to come by.  And for most of us it comes out of an experience where we suffer the same fate of another.  Walk a mile in my shoes and then you will know what my life is like, is a famous saying we have all

Interdependence and leadership

Today’s New York Times headline reads, “Shipping Costs Start to Crimp Globalization - Cheap oil, the lubricant of inexpensive transportation links, may not return soon, upsetting the logic of diffuse global supply chains”.  In a number of other recent articles I am reminded that the demand for food in certain parts of the world is