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Throughout his professional career as a Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Director, and Advisor to CEOs, Norman Wolfe has successfully guided corporations through major transitions leading to substantial growth, market expansion and enhanced financial performance.

Strategic Planning is Dead – Setting a Sound Strategic Direction is Not

If you don't know where you are going, any direction will get you there. By now you know that I am not a big proponent of the traditional annual strategic planning process.  Yet I do feel very strongly that one of the key objectives for these sessions is still critically important; perhaps even more important

Strategic Planning is Dead – Long Live Strategy Execution

WARNING:  If your environment doesn’t change much and the way you do business today is fundamentally the way you will be doing business in the next 5 – 10 years – DO NOT READ THIS! In my previous blog, I declared Strategic Planning was obsolete.  The current approach for defining where an organization is going

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New Toyota vs. Old Toyota – It’s All About Soul

I was recently sent a blog post by Peter De Lorenzo, “The AutoExtremist”, on Toyota’s recent recall woes, or as Peter put it: “Toyota’s got trouble alright...Trouble with a capital ‘T’.” Let me share a few paragraphs: The harsh reality for Toyota is that it went too far overboard in striving to become the biggest,

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Strategic Planning is Obsolete

Yes that’s what I said, strategic planning has become obsolete.  Are you surprised that someone who has spent the last 35 years working with executives and Boards of Directors developing and implementing plans to achieve corporate goals and strategies, would now declare strategic planning a waste of time?  What is not a waste of time

Improving Bottom-Line Results: Applying The Living Organization® Model

We often hear from our clients, colleagues, and online audience: “Your model really resonates with my experience of business and it seems to help explain that which is often hard to explain, but does it produce real results?” Of course, the results business leaders are talking about are the impacts to their organization’s bottom line. 

Consciousness in Leadership: The New Edge for 21st Century Business

I returned recently from the C3 Summit in Austin TX - that’s the Catalyzing Conscious Capitalism Summit.  In attendance were some well known CEOs such as John Mackey CEO of Whole Foods, George Zimmer of Men’s Warehouse, and Casey Sheehan of Patagonia, to name just a few.  In addition, we had such luminaries as Jean Huston

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