Speaking on My Feet

I felt dread when I saw the scheduled speaker at Toastmasters this week. Her face was puffy with her hand and a wad of tissues smashed to her face. When she spoke, her voice was raspy, and she sounded like the star of a cold-and-flue season commercial. I felt dread because as the “back-up speaker”, I

By | November 15th, 2012|

Creating Relationships: An Improvisational Life

For years I performed with San Diego Playback Theatre and before that with the Mirth Meisters, a comedy improv troupe. What I learned in those years—both as a performer and as an instructor—is that there is a lot of similarity between living life and performing on the stage.  Here a few basic rules about improvisational

By | August 24th, 2012|

Beyond Dating: An Intelligent, Comfortable Way to Relate

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone—we find it with another.        -Thomas Merton For many, dating is a dirty word. It brings back memories of struggling to get someone’s attention in bars and other singles scenes.  Or thoughts of struggling to write that

By | July 6th, 2012|

Improv with the Visually Impaired

This week Norman and I had the pleasure of leading a team-building session for the Washington State Dept of Services for the Blind. Using Applied Improvisation, we had an hour and fifteen minutes to help nearly 80 people from different offices integrate new staff, build trust, and strengthen their teams. If we had 3 or

By | June 13th, 2012|

A New Relationship Again

What an amazing spring day! My neighbors have purple lilacs that are just starting to bloom and the smell is divine. All colors and shapes of tulips are popping out and I can imagine how easy it was for tulip mania to capture the Dutch in 1637. While several acquaintances were commenting on the unusually

By | April 24th, 2012|

Be My Valentine

Imagine how sweet it is to have someone who not only loves you just as you are, but lets your love in now matter how big it is. This someone knows his/her own worth enough not to question your love, just accepts it fully. You don’t have to change a darn thing. You can be

By | February 6th, 2012|