Directors Increasingly Tarnished Image: A New Solution

TK Kerstetter, CEO of Corporate Boar Member, described how the image of Board of Directors have taken a real pounding in a recent blog .  He participated in a number of conferences where he had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of directors.  He wrote: “ I wish I could have conveyed to the world—or

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Even Welsh recognizes The Living Organization

Well perhaps he didn’t exactly call it that, but in a recent article in Financial Time (3/12/2009) Jack Welch who is regarded as the “father of the shareholder value movement” said said it was “a dumb idea” for executives to focus so heavily on quarterly profits and share price gains.” What is he really saying

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The creation of The Living Organization™ model

During my 35 plus years of leading organizations and helping other CEOs lead their organizations I have been seeking to understand and then explain what is required to successfully create sustainable growth.  The Living Organization™ model is the culmination of that journey. I have chosen to name my upcoming book “The Living Organization ™: the

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Do we manage the system or the measurement system?

Today I was listening to the on-going debate of Executive Compensation and the struggle companies are having in this economy.  There is so much talk these days about setting up pay for performance systems that reward growth and punish failure.  In equal proportion there is talk about executives should be aligned with investors and hence

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Do Bonus Plans Motivate?

The whole issueof Executive compensation is coming under increasing scrutiny by just about everyone these days and rightfully so.  Here is an interesting question – Do Bonuses actually incent behavior to perform better? This is a foundational question as much of the compensation plans are based on the strongly held belief by most people that

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What is the real purpose of Business?

We have seen much abuse over the last decade which has given business a bad rap.  First we start with the run up of “easy success” with the craze and its bust, followed by the corruption of Enron, Tyco and the like.  And now we have the financial crisis that is not only impacting

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