Build confidence and guide your decisions with your deep, calm inner wisdom.

For centuries the rational, objective, mind has brought about amazing advances in science, technology and business. However, our rational mind can only take us so far for it can only deal with what is known and observable. Much of life is unknown and hidden from view and often impacts our ability to create what we want. Our lives are greatly enhanced when we allow our rational mind to be guided by our deeper intuitive wisdom.

Our programs combine our ability to tap into and reveal the hidden forces and knowledge that impact your journey along with our ability to teach you how to do the same. You benefit from our intuitive guidance while you learn the skills to enhance your own ability to add deep intuitive insights to your decision process.

Business Whispering for Organizations

Beyond coaching, Business Whispering is the art of seeing into the heart of the organization.  We work with the leadership team to see the hidden patterns and forces impacting the organizations success.

Through a series of interviews with key members, we gather the many perspectives that make up the heart, soul, and voice of your living organization.  Combining this with our breadth of experience and our deep understanding of human dynamics, we offer solutions often missed by the standard approaches to coaching and consulting.


Intuitive Guidance & Healing for Individuals

We see into the heart of who you are and what is blocking the full expression of your unique being.  We work with you to reveal the hidden patterns and forces impacting your success, freeing blocked energy.

Our diverse background in business, finance, relationships, psychology, science, energy healing, and interfaith spiritual training has given us a unique perspective and deep understanding of life’s challenges.

Through an exploration into the stories of your life, we work with to reveal the underlying patterns that are influencing your life.  By working with story patterns and energy to transcend the rational mind, we provide guidance and solutions not available though standard approaches to personal and life coaching.