Take action, confidently, in the face of complexity and uncertainty.

There is no script for life. You are improvising every minute of every day.  Our conditioning and training is deeply rooted in the idea that we can plan and control our outcomes.  Yet, no matter how hard you plan, life happens.  A new approach is required. All of our workshops bring together our new model for understanding how the world works and how outcomes are created, with experiential learning activities from applied improvisation, expressive arts and others, to provide a robust, playful learning experience.

Workshops for Organizations

The Improvisation element helped bring out discussion. We had two of our quietest board members actively engaged… a good measure of success for any event. Well done!
– Jeff Lutz
President Orange County

  • Foundations of The Living Organization – Learn and experience the results when you shift viewing your organization as a machine to a living being.
  • Leading Living Organizations – Learn the difference in leadership style and skills required to develop your organization versus optimizing the machine. Learn to lead from purpose and context, build communities of relationships, and design activities and structures that get the desired results.
  • Your Strategic Compass – Beyond traditional strategic planning, your strategic compass sets the navigation course for your organization. You will always stay on course navigating through new opportunities and challenges, whether through calm seas or turbulent weather
  • From Team To Troupe – Beyond traditional teams performance troupe focus everything on creating a successful performance. Participants learn to respond to whatever happens; never skipping a beat and making their fellow performers shine.
  • Enhancing Customer Experience – The art of customer experience lies in the heart of enhancing relationships. Learn how to create truly exceptional experience for each customer contact using simulations and experiential activities to practice new skills.

Customized specifically for you.  No two organization are the same, therefore we never deliver a one-size-fits-all standard workshop.  While we have developed a number of workshops for both organizations and individuals, we always customize them to your unique characteristics.

Don’t see a workshop that addresses your needs? Contact us and we will create one based on your priorities.   Some examples of our customized workshops are:

Christyna Hengstler
Regional Director
Washington State Dept for the Services of the Blind

I appreciated that Quantum Leaders understood the scope of work and dynamics of the work teams and individuals in our agency. Norm and Jane lead a fun, interactive team-building session,  got the audience involved, were enthusiastic and kept them active. They were able to adjust to what was happening with the group.  Quantum Leaders is my top pick for team-building activities, and I would love to work with them again in the future!

Trainings for Individuals:

  • Express Your Life – Learn how to respond to whatever challenges and opportunities life offers while expressing yourself through voice, movement, sound and laughter.
  • Creating Extraordinary Impact – Discover how you’ve shaped the life you’re living and create a new model for the life you imagine. Reframe limiting beliefs, connect with your deeper spirit, touch into the heart of relationships and learn how to manifest results with ease.
  • From Stuck to Celebration –  Healing With Play: Past pains, losses, or simply the challenges of life can stop you. Through play, learn a new way to view your life stories, embrace the value of each experience, and transform your life to create the life you want.
  • Mindfulness for Enhanced Wellbeing –  Quiet the busy monkey mind and develop a center of inner calm and equanimity. When body and mind work as one, you naturally live in the present moment.
  • Qigong Tai Chi – Learn the ancient art of working with energy to calm you mind, heal your body and move your body with grace and intention.
  • Walking With Spirit –  An intentional community for all who want to co-explore the many paths to the Divine through a direct experience and to integrate that experience into their daily living.

I was re-awakened by Norman’s and Jane’s workshop. The concepts were simple yet powerful and immediately resonated with me. Norman and Jane did an amazing job developing a series of engaging experiential activities that brought the messages alive; making the workshop fun, enjoyable and magical.
– Genia Jacques
Vice President of Product Management & Marketing