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The Living Organization
A Book By Norman Wolfe
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With over 36 years leading organizations and studying the nature of human interactions, Norman Wolfe founded Quantum Leaders in 2002 to assist organizations in learning a more effective way of addressing the challenges they face in today’s business environment. From its inception, Quantum Leaders has been committed to developing a more robust and adaptive model that addresses the complexities of the 21st century business. Working with - and learning from - the challenges our clients face has led to the development of The Living Organization™ model.

By applying The Living Organization™ model, Quantum Leaders assists organizations such as yours to achieve higher levels of performance. The model integrates the emergent understanding of the organization as a living, organic and adaptive entity with the more traditional machine-of-production view, and thus provides leaders with a deeper understanding of the key drivers of success. With the aid of The Living Organization™ model, leaders can better identify the barriers to success their company faces and define the specific actions that overcome these obstacles and accelerate achieving their desired results.

The Quantum Leaders team brings years of experience in working with large corporations, entrepreneurial ventures and middle market companies across a multitude of industries. Our clients are comforted in the knowledge that they have at their disposal the wisdom, experience, insight and fresh perspectives that assures them the actions taken will have lasting results; addressing today’s challenges, and laying a foundation the challenges of the future.

Quantum Leaders is foremost among those few consulting firms who will work alongside the people in your organization, guiding the implementation and using the challenges faced to develop and enhance the skills, processes, cultures and leadership needed for success.


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