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The Living Organization
A Book By Norman Wolfe
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Norman Wolfe

Chairman/CEO - nwolfe@quantumleaders.com - normanwolfe.com

Norman Wolfe is a recognized expert in transforming the paradigm of business to create greater positive impact improving the lives of those they serve. A Coach, Consultant, Mystic, Shaman, Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Guide at Walking With Spirit, an Interfaith Community, he is an explorer - seeking to unravel The Mystery and finding guidance in the Sacred Space of the Heart. He is a student of, and honors all paths of insight and wisdom, seeking to guide people into a deeper wisdom that serves their personal journey.

An active visionary, change agent and strong business leader with a track record of extraordinary results, he set out to discover the answer to the question, “why do we get the results we get and how do we create the results we desire?” This took him into exploration of the diverse fields of Organization Theory, Leadership, Quantum Physics, Depth Psychology, and the exploration and experience of the many spiritual traditions of the world.

The Living Organization®, an amalgamation and refinement of what lies at the core of these different disciplines, is a robust new model that describes how to work with the forces that create an individual’s or an organization’s results. He introduced this new model in his book “The Living Organization: Transforming Business To Create Extraordinary Results.”

Norman is a highly sought after speaker, trainer and worshop leader. He is currently Chairman/CEO of Quantum Leaders where he continues working with a select number of organizations as he promotes and expands The Living Organization’s® approach and tools for organization and indivdiaul success.

Norman’s Background is a blending of the material and the spiritual. Educated as an engineer and scientist with a degree in Mathematics from New York University, he began his career as a computer scientist and quickly moved into the role of leadership. Later he studied at The New Seminary of Interfaith Studies and was Ordained an Intefaith Minister in 2008. He is a Public Company Director and served as Chairman of Two Non-Profits. Revee Wolfe is also Board Certified Coach by the Center For Credentialing and Education, Inc.


Jane Wolfe

President: Improve Your Life! - jwolfe@quantumleaders.com - janewolfe.us

Jane Wolfe is a thought leader and innovator in bringing improvisation to life as a spiritual practice.

Graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in communications, Jane began her career designing computer systems for a large financial corporation and then spent over 15 years directing marketing and sales efforts in a number of companies to promote software and hardware, systems and training.

Along the way Jane found Improv. Wanting to improve her ability to think on her feet and to respond comfortably in any situation, she took an improv training class. She got hooked on both its entertainment value and its powerful key life skills.

Life is not scripted. We are constantly faced with situations that are unplanned and unexpected. Improv as an art form is a metaphor for life. It teaches individuals how to react and respond to life’s opportunities and challenges, in a way that invokes the best of their creativity, innovation, communication, teamwork, and leadership.

Jane is one of the founding members of San Diego Playback Theater, she performed and trained others for over 10 years. Her love for helping people find their expression in the world does not stop with Imporv. She has been trained in Expressive Arts Therapy, is a Licensed Hypnotherpist, certified in Heart Centered Hypnotherapy and an artist inher own right.

Jane Wolfe is a transformation coach helping people live a more enriched, fulfilling and expressed life. Drawing from a range of modalities she guides individuals and groups to find their own unque gifts and how to express their unique talents and wisdom.



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