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The Living Organization
A Book By Norman Wolfe
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Driving Demand

Quantum Leaders’ The Living Organization™ model is aimed at creating sustainable growth by achieving a dynamic balance between Demand and the organization’s Capacity to fill that Demand.

Sustainable, organic growth in Demand requires excellence in the creation and successful introduction of products that create value by continually meeting the needs of the market as well as extending reach into new markets.



Quantum Leaders understands that true innovation emanates from the creation of customer value. Innovation is more than creative ideas or inventions. Creative ideas must first be turned into physical form we call inventions. Many inventions never make it to the marketplace. Only those inventions that are perceived by the market to add value can be considered Innovation.


Quantum Leaders TLOMarketGrowth™ provides a customer-centered foundation for the successful fulfillment of demand. We will review your existing marketing and sales processes, and map out the desired approach to selling and marketing your products and services. We formulate the blueprint to identify and build effective marketing programs and long-term sales productivity improvements that maximize the overall ROI of your marketing expenditures.


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