As an individual you are constantly balancing the energies of body, mind and spirit, along with your activities and relationships.

You are a complex living organization consciously and unconsciously coordinating these energies to authentically express and contribute your unique gifts.

To successfully navigate this journey often requires shifting focus, attention and thoughts from what has been known and comfortable and generally accepted to a new model for manifesting outcomes. This shift does not come easy. You must overcome years of training and conditioning to make a difference and create extraordinary impact.

Our offerings are designed to help you focus attention and thoughts on a new model of manifesting outcomes. We move you from simply trying to get by with the tools and skills you have to overcoming the blockages that keep you from powerfully creating your destiny.

Workshops & Trainings

Discover your soulful purpose, learn to live with resilience, build supportive and enhancing relationships and more.  Our workshops and trainings provide you with a set of tools to reframe your thinking, introduce new approaches and the skills required to implement them. (Learn More…)


Intuitive Guidance & Healing

Beyond life coaching, we see into the heart of who you are and what is blocking the full expression of your unique being.  We work with you to reveal the hidden patterns and forces impacting your success, freeing blocked energy.  We offer solutions often missed by the standard approaches to personal and life coaching. (Learn More…)


Personal Transformation

Our soulful purpose is to transform individuals to live a fully enriched and expressed life creating extraordinary impact.  This multi-year program is designed to guide you, through this transformation.  Over time every aspect of your life will morph away from limitations to experience new exciting, energizing possibilities. (Learn More…)

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