Training & Workshops
All of our conditioning and training is deeply rooted in the idea that we can plan and control our outcomes. Yet, no matter how hard you plan, life happens.  There is no script for life. You are improvising every minute of every day. A new approach is required.
All of our programs bring together our new model for understanding how the world works and how outcomes are created, with experiential learning activities from applied improvisation, expressive arts and others, to provide a robust, playful environment where you will learn new skills to create extraordinary impact. (Learn more…)


Organizational & Individual Guidance
Our rational mind can only deal with what is known and observable. Yet, what impacts our ability to create what we want is often unknown and hidden from view. Our lives are greatly enhanced when we allow our rational mind to be guided by our deeper intuitive wisdom.
Our programs combine our ability to tap into and reveal the hidden forces and knowledge that impact your journey along with our ability to teach you how to do the same. You benefit from our intuitive guidance while you learn the skills to enhance your own ability to add deep intuitive insights to your decision process.
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Long Term Transformation
Many of our attempts to change our outcomes, whether in business or in life, fall short. To go beyond the ordinary, to create lasting results, you must look at the stories that define, and the lens through which you see, the world. Our Business Culture and Personal transformation programs guide you through the transformation of the stories that block your success. We begin with the issues most concerning you as the starting point to a long-term transformation. With each success, we delve deeper and deeper into the stories that shape your life, rewrite them to support your efforts and ensure you have the right skills to create extraordinary impact.
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Community Events
We offer these ongoing events in the Portland, OR area as a service to our community supporting individuals who want to explore new skills and understanding in the areas of expressing more fully in life, working with energy and living a more spiritually enriching life.

  • Qigong Tai Chi  – Learn the ancient art of working with energy to calm you mind, heal your body and move your body with grace and intention.
  • Express Your Life – Learn how to respond to whatever challenges and opportunities life offers while expressing yourself through voice, movement, sound and laughter.
  • Walking With Spirit – An intentional community for all who want to co-explore the many paths to the Divine through a direct experience and to integrate that experience into their daily living.

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We offer a growing series of products, such as our book, The Living Organization, that will aid you in your journey.

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