A shift in perspective, the way you view life and your challenges, will reveal unseen possibilities and opportunities.

We have been living within a grand story of life as a machine for the last few centuries. We’ve been told that if we work hard enough, if we do more with better precision, we will succeed. Through that lens, we have sought to improve our world, our physical well-being and our business. That lens now limits what we can create and the life we can enjoy.

To go beyond the ordinary, it is time to look at the stories of our lives and the lens through which we see the world. Our lives are influenced and limited by our stories, and many blocks to our success lie outside our understanding or awareness.

This is why so many attempts to change our outcomes, whether in business or in life, fall short. Before we can break through the blocks, we must change the lens through which we view the world.

It is time to expand our understanding of how results are created for business and our individual lives. In our book, The Living Organization, we describe a new model for business. In our forthcoming book, Creating Extraordinary Impact, we will describe the new model for individuals.

Cultural Transformation for Business

Having spent years leading organizations and working with other CEOs to help improve their organization’s performance, we have experienced first hand the challenge of transforming an organization to create extraordinary impact. We have seen how time and money is wasted with one improvement program after another producing results that are far less than desired.

We have discovered that it is often not the fault of the program itself but the forces of the machine perspective that prevent the desired benefits from being realized. Changing perspectives is not easy. It is infused in everything you think and feel about how to create success. It is embedded in every process and system that makes up your organization.

This multi-year program is designed to guide you, the executive team and the rest of the organization, through this transformation. We start with your most pressing issues, using them as the starting point to longer-term transformation. With each short-term success, we lay the foundation for the next step of the journey. Every aspect of the organization will morph over time, away from limitations to new exciting, energizing possibilities.


Personal Transformation

The journey to living a fully enriched and expressed life is never easy. Like us, you have probably attended a myriad of workshops, read all the latest trends in spiritual and personal development. You may have sought coaching or counseling to help overcome whatever may be blocking you from creating extraordinary impact.

After a frustrating journey with the lack of results from so many of these programs, we discovered that the problem is not in the programs themselves. It is in the deep stories we hold in our personal and collective unconscious that block our progress.

This multi-year program is designed to guide you through the transformation of these stories. We begin with the issues most concerning you as the starting point to a long-term transformation. With each success, we delve deeper and deeper into the stories that shape your life and rewrite them to support your efforts in creating the life you want. Every aspect of your life will morph over time, away from limitations to new exciting, energizing possibilities.