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Why Activity Alone Isn’t Enough

One of the three tenets of The Living Organization® model for creating results is the interdependence of the three energy fields of Activity, Relationship, and Context. The Context defines what the possible range of results can be. Yet, we continually lean on our predisposition to understand everything through the lens of Activity, the energy of

Who is to Blame?

We continue to hear people calling for the business community to be more accountable for their actions.  Nowhere is this stronger than in the relationship business has with our environment, our planet and its resources. I don’t want to pretend this is a simple issue and one that can be easily addressed.  I do not

What is the New Normal

I was just reading a blog post of a dear friend of mine Barri Carian, who poses the question The New Normal – What is it?  (Visit her blog here.) I found this a wonderful question for as she points out the phrase is being used everywhere but just what does it mean and can