What is the New Normal

I was just reading a blog post of a dear friend of mine Barri Carian, who poses the question The New Normal – What is it?  (Visit her blog here.) I found this a wonderful question for as she points out the phrase is being used everywhere but just what does it mean and can

Are you truly engaging your employees?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, how do we truly get our employees really engaged? “Employee Engagement” is the latest hot topic in management circles but the statistics show that we are not doing a very good job.   According to a recent article by Bob Donovan of Chief Executive Magazine, “only

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Managing the Context

From time to time we are asked questions about applying The Living Organization™ model to real world situations.  I thought it would be helpful to share those queries in our blog. Many of our employees that joined our firm as we grew don't seem to be aligned with the original vision we founded the company

Energy Flows in Business and Society

The underlying foundation of The Living Organization™ model is that everything is Energy.  In the model we draw on this turth to aid us in understanding the dyanmics within an organization giving deeper insight and additional options to helping our organziations grow. Just as an organization is a living entity directing and transforming energy towards

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Even Welsh recognizes The Living Organization

Well perhaps he didn’t exactly call it that, but in a recent article in Financial Time (3/12/2009) Jack Welch who is regarded as the “father of the shareholder value movement” said said it was “a dumb idea” for executives to focus so heavily on quarterly profits and share price gains.” What is he really saying

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