Why Activity Alone Isn’t Enough

One of the three tenets of The Living Organization® model for creating results is the interdependence of the three energy fields of Activity, Relationship, and Context. The Context defines what the possible range of results can be. Yet, we continually lean on our predisposition to understand everything through the lens of Activity, the energy of

A Non-Profit Discovers Its Soulful Purpose™

This past weekend we facilitated a strategy session for the board of directors of a local non-profit. Our major objective was to create a greater level of engagement among the board (especially among its large percentage of new members) and to focus their efforts on their number one challenge—funding. Most facilitators would have focused on

Who is to Blame?

We continue to hear people calling for the business community to be more accountable for their actions.  Nowhere is this stronger than in the relationship business has with our environment, our planet and its resources. I don’t want to pretend this is a simple issue and one that can be easily addressed.  I do not

Strategic Planning is Dead – Long Live Strategy Execution

WARNING:  If your environment doesn’t change much and the way you do business today is fundamentally the way you will be doing business in the next 5 – 10 years – DO NOT READ THIS! In my previous blog, I declared Strategic Planning was obsolete.  The current approach for defining where an organization is going

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Are you truly engaging your employees?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, how do we truly get our employees really engaged? “Employee Engagement” is the latest hot topic in management circles but the statistics show that we are not doing a very good job.   According to a recent article by Bob Donovan of Chief Executive Magazine, “only

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Managing the Context

From time to time we are asked questions about applying The Living Organization™ model to real world situations.  I thought it would be helpful to share those queries in our blog. Many of our employees that joined our firm as we grew don't seem to be aligned with the original vision we founded the company