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Learn The Living Organization® System — a new set of rules for success in business.
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Build a customer-
focused workforce

Grow and mature
your organization

Reach your goals

70% of company initiatives fail in execution.

The many invisible forces at play will keep you investing tremendous energy for underwhelming results.

It’s time for a business evolution.

It’s time for you to have a highly effective organization.

Build a customer-focused workforce

Your team is the heart and soul of your organization. Being customer-focused is the lifeblood to ensure growth.

Grow and mature your organization

Cultivating a healthy organization requires the right mix of resources to evolve and respond to environmental influences.

Reach your goals faster

Reveal and manage the invisible forces at play to create more of your desired outcomes in the 21st-century.

You will benefit from over 35 years of
best practices of successful leaders.

I'm less stressed!

“Our executive team worked with Quantum Leaders to implement the Living Organization model to set the vision and the course for our future. Today, I see more collaboration, understanding, and listening within the team. I’m also less stressed. We’re on our way to building such a mature organization. I’m excited about our future.”

Augusto Bassanini
President & CEO | United Grain Corp

We're more optimistic.

“We could not agree on a direction as a company. We had figured out ‘what’ we wanted to become, Quantum Leaders helped us define the ‘how’ we get there and our deeper ‘why.’ There’s a tremendous amount of goodwill created by going about the process the way we did. Everybody here has a much more optimistic, directional view of our organization because Quantum Leaders helped us find the clear path forward.”

Mark Miller
President | LD Management Company

Organizations are living beings to develop and mature.

Not machines to optimize and control.

The Quantum Leaders Promise:

Immediate Impact

Transformation happens in the context of execution. Tackling real, immediate challenges are opportunities to develop the organization and its people.

Lasting Evolution

Create lasting impact with long-term system evolution, not just quick-fix solutions. Solve today’s challenges and build the foundation for tomorrow’s opportunities.


You aren’t alone. Our guides offer practical advice alongside empathy for anyone in the complex role of leading an organization.


As you adopt The Living Organization® System (TLOS™), you’ll join a growing network of leaders on the forefront of a better way to do business.

Leading a complex organization in a complex world
begins with you.


Through a custom mix of strategic planning, leadership development, and guided execution, we’ll help you tap your organization’s full potential.


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Enjoy the success that comes with high-impact teams all working together effectively.

Join the 30% by knowing you and your team lead more effectively.

The Living Organization® System (TLOS™) is a new way of thinking about business by uncovering the hidden forces in organizations. TLOS is a paradigm shift integrating business management with personal and collective transformation.

Through a complete system of elegant frameworks, practical tools, and a CEO Peer Community, our certified TLOS Guides help you lead more effectively.

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