Sunset in the seaWhat an amazing spring day! My neighbors have purple lilacs that are just starting to bloom and the smell is divine. All colors and shapes of tulips are popping out and I can imagine how easy it was for tulip mania to capture the Dutch in 1637.

While several acquaintances were commenting on the unusually warm weather, I asked them what was “normal”. You see, it’s my first spring in Vancouver, WA and I feel like a curious child not knowing what to expect from one moment to the next. Everything is new!

It’s how I suggest people approach one another. We all change every day so it would make perfect sense that you can’t really know someone. And yet, we often treat our spouses, our friends, our relatives and coworkers as if we already know what they think and how they will act.

We create stories about people that are hard to change. We paint them in boxes and assume we know how they are feeling and what we can expect from them.

We create stories for ourselves that define who we are in each situation. They not only make it safe to go out in the world, they limit how much we are willing to risk, what chances we will take.

What if the world was your Etch A Sketch for just today. You just shook your last drawing away and now you get to create something entirely new. What would today look like for you?