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Most company initiatives fail in execution. At Quantum Leaders, we help organizations achieve their goals by integrating business management with personal and collective transformation.
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Our Soulful Purpose, Beliefs, and Promise

Soulful Purpose

To transform organizations drawing on the full range of living energy, freeing the creative spark of the human spirit, enabling them to positively impact our world.


All living beings are unique and are meant to express their essential contribution to life.

We are the creators of our world and the outcomes we experience.

Organizations are living beings that operate by the same principles as individuals.

We are defined by, and create from, our deeply held stories.


Immediate Impact

Transformation happens in the context of execution. Tackling real, immediate challenges are opportunities to develop the organization and its people.


Create lasting impact with long-term system evolution, not just quick-fix solutions. Solve today’s challenges and build the foundation for tomorrow’s opportunities.


You aren’t alone. Our guides offer practical advice alongside empathy for anyone in the complex role of leading an organization.

Transformative Community

As you adopt The Living Organization® System (TLOS™), you’ll join a growing network of leaders on the forefront of a better way to do business.

Our Team

Norman Wolfe

Norman Wolfe founded Quantum Leaders to help leaders develop their organizations to be more effective at achieving their goals and become extraordinary. Drawing from over 40 years of experience leading organizations and researching how individuals and collectives create outcomes, he developed The Living Organization System to help organizations achieve extraordinary success.


Jane Wolfe

Jane Wolfe is the author of Improv Your Relationships. She creates and facilitates programs to help leaders learn the art and skill of improvisation, one of the core TLO leadership skills. This enables them to become better communicators and innovators responding skillfully to life’s opportunities and challenges.


Vitaly Geyman

Vitaly Geyman is committed to guiding leaders to understand the motivating forces underlying their actions. Vitaly believes that the combination of what individuals do and how they show up is critical to uncovering how that leader can make a real impact in the world.


Join a growing network of peers knowing that you and your team lead more effectively.

The Living Organization® System (TLOS™) is a new way of thinking about business by uncovering the hidden forces in organizations. TLOS is a paradigm shift integrating business management with personal and collective transformation.

Through a complete system of elegant frameworks, practical tools, and a CEO Peer Community, our certified TLOS Guides help you lead more effectively.

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