valentines-day-indiaImagine how sweet it is to have someone who not only loves you just as you are, but lets your love in now matter how big it is. This someone knows his/her own worth enough not to question your love, just accepts it fully.

You don’t have to change a darn thing. You can be all the goofy, deep, or serious expressions of love that work in the moment. You can love without censoring.

You can be yourself and give your heart openly. And you don’t have to lose weight, know more about world issues, or talk less. This person loves that you are alive, breathing, and sharing space.

Do you need a reminder that you are perfectly loveable just as you are? I hope you are with people who chose to love you just as you are and can accept love If not, remind yourself. Accept yourself.

Look in the mirror and say, I love you! If it seems odd, do it some more. Love yourself abundantly and without measure. Then you can give it away easily.

If you are dreading Valentine’s Day for some reason or other, why not take on a practice of wooing yourself? Do all the things that you would like a lover to most do for you.

If you have a vision of what your life would be like if you had the perfect partner, try creating it for yourself now. Why wait? Start now so when that special someone shows up, you’ll be ready.

Treat yourself well. It is up to each of us to set the standard of how we want to be treated.

Be the Queen or King in your life and celebrate love in the perfect way for you.  This is the month celebrating love. I toast your journey what ever that is.