For anyone who ever has gone on a first date that has gone completely sour, feel free to add to this list.

Top 11 Ways Not To Relate

  1. Discuss past significant others in great detail and tell your current date how you’re going to get even with them.
  2. Show up on the first date looking and/or smelling like you just got done cleaning out your garage. (If your date cannot proudly introduce you to friends, you won’t get past first base.)
  3. Ask how much money your date makes.
  4. Don’t ask your date questions—just keep trying to impress her by talking about your career, money, power, etc.
  5. Be rude to a waiter, waitress, or passerby.
  6. Try to have sex on the first date.
  7. Share in great detail how lonely your life is (be sure to whine a lot as you share).
  8. Start calling him/her every single day or several times a day because you miss him/her already.
  9. Start lecturing or trying to improve your date.
  10.   Flirt with someone else while on the date date.
  11.  When asked about your interests and passions, say you don’t have any.

Thank you, Susan Bradley, RN for inspiring this list in your book, Irresistible to the Opposite Sex. If you are getting ready to enter the dating game again, this is a great read.

Have you had a first date that did these things or others that grossed you out? Please share…