For too long now business operated as a machine of production and in the process has been disconnected from its deeper purpose meaning and values. Because of this organizations and leaders have lost their moral compass. In its place has stood the only compass left – profit and financial gain. Not that profit is bad – far from it since it is a critical component but it is only one component and should not be the guiding principle on which all decisions are made.

Profit is and must always be a guiding indicator of progress towards ones goals, but it was never meant to be the end all and be all. We are not in the business of making a profit as many like to say. Rather we are in the business of making a contribution to the community of people we serve (what we like to call a marketplace).

When we take away profit as the guiding principle we are left with serving others as our guiding principle. This is something all non-profits know all too well and most entrepreneurs who form their companies based out of a passion for the contribution they want to make know this deep within themselves. And serving others is the same guiding principle found in all spiritual practices.