Have you considered the challenges your advisors create?

As a leader, you want to see your whole organization improve.  You will likely employ a variety of consultants and coaches, often functional specialists — sales, lean operations, team building, strategy, leadership development, finance, to name a few of the advisors you will use over time.

Consultants focus on optimizing functional area activity.  Coaches focus on the soft skills of people development.  Successful execution requires both.

Every consultant or coach has their own model, framework, and jargon. With so many different models and approaches, you often experience a fragmented approach to improvement, and the unconscious creation of a more siloed organization.

Want a better approach?

We designed The Living Organization® System (TLOS™) to help improve performance with all functions, at all levels, working towards the success of the whole.

We view an organization (team, department, or company) as a single living person and address the question, “how do we improve the performance of that person?”


  • manages the dynamic forces that affect outcomes (Activity, Relationship and Context)
  • is scalable vertically and horizontally throughout the organization
  • helps any group effectively achieve their desired results
  • is even effective for coaching individuals.

One system, one methodology, one language to help you improve performance at any level and across any function.

As one of our clients recently shared, “What you are doing with me, and our organization is making a difference and I see evidence on multiple fronts – execution of our strategic roadmap, the improvement across several departments, the growth of the leadership team, and the support you are providing me. I am a more confident leader with a clear sense of our future.” 

If you want to improve every function driving success for your company.

Contact us for an informal conversation how we can help your organization move forward.