Quantum Leaders Foundation Course

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Creating Extraordinary Impact
Welcome to Quantum Leaders, where everyone is a leader. For us, a leader is a person of influence and everyone influences someone or some group. A Quantum Leader is a person who uses their influence to create an extraordinary impact in their sphere of influence. We hope you enjoy this course and take full advantage of all materials presented.

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Lesson 2 – Overview

How do you get the results you want? Your worldview creates your life. Everything is energy principle. The three key fields of energy and the A-R-C framework.

Lesson 3 – What’s Your Context

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Our lives are like film projectors. Stories shape our lives. Life’s journey is a mystery: steps to discover and develop energy patterns that expand your being and support your soulful purpose.

Lesson 4 – Strategic Compass

Creating your Strategic Compass made up of your Soulful Purpose, expressed through your Mission, guided by your Guiding Values to create your Future Impact Vision.


Sacred Journey Meditation
Movie Theater Meditation
Heart Centered Meditation