Vitaly Geyman

As a digital business executive, leadership coach and life coach I have found that manifesting results requires the combination of what we do and how we show up. This is true in work and in life. Understanding the motivating forces underlying our actions is critical to making a real impact in the world.

I also know that what is true for the individual is true for the organization. Organizations are living beings that have the potential to be a powerful vehicle for positive impact on our world. Every organization is unique, and success is achieved by consistently behaving congruent to their unique evolutionary journey.

Over the last 20 years, I have worked with Amazon, Siemens and Telecom Australia. Served as marketing and management professor at RMIT University.

I have worked with over two hundred business leaders across numerous SMEs around the world. I have funded and managed my own start-ups in online retailing and online education.

As a TEDx organizer I lead and facilitated TEDx Conferences and hosted a cable TV show called “Business with Spirit”.

Having firsthand experience running my own companies and working in multiple roles within several corporations I connect with CEOs and senior executives at an intimate level. I have a deep respect for the challenging and heroic journey they are on.

Guiding leaders along this path is what I am committed to. I apply the principles I have learned, turning what can be a difficult challenge into a journey where they make an impact, leave a legacy and live true to themselves. A journey that is more successful, easeful and rewarding.

I hold a Degree in Electronic Engineering, Masters in Business Management and Life Coaching accreditation.