Jane Wolfe

I create and facilitate unique programs to help leaders become better communicators and innovators, becoming more skillful in responding to life’s opportunities and challenges. In other words, I help leaders have their voices heard in an ever-changing world.

After 20 years of business management experience, I have combined the practical listening and observation skills with my passion for improvisational coaching and performance. The end result is training that I want to attend—it begs participants to have fun while enjoying a unique, creative experience that motivates and engages them at new levels.

My overall question in life is how can I have my voice heard in a loud, noisy world and still be true to my nature?

Initially I began improvisational training to help my introvert be more comfortable expressing in the business world. After 12+ years of performing with Improvisational Comedy and Theater troupes, I began using these theater skills to train people in teamwork, customer service, innovation and strategy.

My work is play! I draw on my theater performance and improvisational skills, expressive arts therapy training and business training to create programs specific to corporate needs as well as ongoing programs that support individuals in reaching their personal and professional goals. I get to change the world one interactive moment at a time.