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Leadership for a New Way of Working

Today’s business challenges require a shift in how we relate to organizations.

No longer can we see the organization as a machine whose program is written by leadership and executed by employees.

This paradigm is too slow to respond in this rapidly changing world.  It separates the organization from its customers and environment. It’s dehumanizing, inhibiting creativity and engagement.

It’s time to shift to a new way of working, a new way of leading!

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It is time to shift the paradigm, to create organizations that produce positive impact for society and all those involved.  It is time for organization to be seen as living beings, comprised of business units and departments that are also living beings.

In Introduction to The Living Organization, you will discover how to produce more results with less effort, engaging the whole organization in the process.


Course Details

5 weeks

Time Commitment:
1 session/wk
2.5 hr/session
1-2 hours/wk practice

$1750 USD

Next Date:
Jun 29 – Jul 27, 2021
9AM – 11:30AM Pacific

Who Is It For

This program is designed for CEOs, Presidents and Business Unit Executives from around the world who:

  • Are actively looking for better ways to produce results in their organization.
  • Willing to challenge their own beliefs to grow and be more effective leaders.
  • Want their organizations to excel in the 21st century.

The Introduction to Leading The Living Organization is designed as an experiential, peer-to-peer learning experience. It is by invitation only, to allow us to ensure you will be collaborating with your peers.

What We Cover

How to achieve better outcomes through the application of The Living Organization principles.

You will learn through experience in this workshop.  You will bring a specific challenge that you are currently facing.  Through hands-on group exercises, you will apply each of the core principles to your challenge.  You will also have the opportunity to apply them to your daily challenges between sessions. This makes the learning practical and immediately applicable to your daily role as leader.

+ More about what's covered

Session 1 – Organization as Living Being

  • Introductions
  • Seeing the organization as a living being
  • Activity, Relationship, and Context Energy Fields
  • What is the new way of leading

Session 2 – Working With Energy

  • Using A-R-C to lead more effectively
  • Heart Centered Wisdom – Leading From Heart and Head
  • Communication – Key to managing energy
  • Heart Centered Communication

Session 3 – Power of Context

  • How Context is created and how it impacts outcomes
  • Identifying the Context influences for your challenge

Session 4 – Reframing Context

  • New stories for new Context
  • Rituals as scaffolding of the new Context

Session 5 – Applying TLO

  • Improv Mindset
  • Integrating Opposites
  • The New You – Action for the future

Key Benefits

This is an introduction to the larger The Living Organization Framework (TLO).  It gives participants a first hand experience of the power of TLO plus the basic skills to begin leading their organization in the new way of working.   You will learn to shift your leadership approach and expand and enhance your current leadership skills.

  • Have more effective ways to produce higher levels of performance
  • Expend less effort to produce the impact you are looking for
  • Produce more organizational alignment
  • Create a more adaptive, agile and effective organization
  • Deliver short term results while positioning for long term future
  • Grow personally and have a framework for helping other leaders grow in maturity

“I have attended many leadership programs over the course of my career and rarely have I received something new that I can directly apply to my challenges.  This program was the exception providing many Aha moments. The Living Organization is an alternative way of thinking about your business that fosters better relationships, and increased productivity. ”

– Mark Miller, CEO LD Management, USA (A 44 Store retail chain)

Expanded my brain with Quantum Leaders’ leadership workshop.  An interesting formula to explain how we create results.”

– Kent Lewis, President Anvil Media, USA  (An International Marketing Agency)

“This program offered me new insight that we set context by changing the underlying energy. I was aware of the power of energy but never thought about using the energy to change a context for a larger organization.” 

– Filip Van Pottelbergh, CEO van Hoorebeke Timber, Belgium 

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