Self-Management using

The Living Organization®


A Pilot For Select Team Leaders

A Unique Approach to Self-Management

Just implementing the structures and activities of self-management is not sufficient

Self-management is inherently a developmental journey.  While structure and activities are critical, they alone cannot guarantee shifts in behavior.

The Living Organization® Framework offers an approach that will shift mindsets that determine behaviors and support that with the appropriate structures and activity.

This makes change easier, gives us new capabilities, and improves the speed and success of adoption.

The course takes you through the stages of forming self-managed teams and gives you the opportunity to apply them to your own experience.


Course Details

Time Commitment:
2 hours

Free to selected individuals

March 18,2021
10AM – 12:00 PM Central Time USA

Who Is It For

This program is designed for team leaders of one or more teams, at any level, who:

  • Want people to be more self-directed and work better together.
  • Want people to take more responsibility and ownership, individually and collectively, for results.
  • Want people to solve problems without the need for a traditional “manager.”
  • Are willing to challenge their own beliefs to grow and be more effective leaders.
  • Are willing to provide feedback that would improve the course impact.

Self-Management Using TLO™ Framework is designed as an experiential learning experience. It is by invitation only, to ensure the best learning experience.

What We Cover

How to achieve better outcomes through the application of The Living Organization principles.

You will learn through experience in this workshop.  You will bring a specific challenge that you are currently facing.  Through hands-on group exercises, you will apply each of the core principles to your challenge.  


  • Safely move responsibilities from the leader into the team
  • Create an empowered context for everyone on the team to move their work forward
  • Create unprecedented clarity with a language and process for communicating about work
  • Sense and share problems in a way that improves the organization and moves work forward
  • Why seeing the organization as a living person matters and how to use it to create a shared context
  • How to use simple agreements to create an organization that evolves in response to its environment
  • The self-similar nature of organizations and how personal change creates organizational change

Key Benefits

  • Spend less time solving other people’s problems by empowering others with healthy pathways for resolving issues
  • Move faster and get better results by addressing all concerns early and often
  • Create more alignment at all levels of the organization
  • Maximize each employees’ unique contributions
  • Enable people to make better decisions and take on more responsibility 
  • Create a working environment that automatically adapts to changing needs in a VUCA world

Jonathan Yankovich of Quantum Leaders

Jonathan Yankovich is a certified self-management coach and former Partner at a leading self-organization consultancy.  He is the creator of Teal-Dog an online tool to help facilitate teams working autonomously, self-managing and self-organizing to produce greater resilience and flexibility while increasing results. 


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