Just before the holidays, I was privileged to do something that absolutely delights me. I conducted an evening of Playback Theatre staring the first graduating class of my Improv Your Life! performance class.

When we started back in October, I wondered if this 6-class program would be “too much” for the first time improvisers, especially since I committed to a “bonus” performance at the end of the class (invite your friends and family to show what you have learned). But this is Improv, so off we went.

One member was an intellectual guy, used to analyzing his thoughts carefully and orderly. I asked him to jump in, plunge forward and trust his intuition. At the start, he was so nervous he could barely talk.  I kept encouraging every baby step he took and by the end he was courageously jumping in,  so very proud of what he accomplished.

Another woman was shaking with fear in the first class. By the fifth class, she surprised us all be bursting into “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in a celestial voice. You should have heard the squeals of delight.

Then there was the schoolteacher who just loved to play. At the second class, she shared how she was teaching her young pupils to play the creative games and they loved it.  Just before our “bonus” performance, she admitted that she hadn’t preformed since she was in third grade. She was nervous and excited about sharing her unique gifts of Improv with the friends she had invited. She astounded them!

We were amazing. I am so proud of the abilities of this group to stretch and keep going. I learned a lot, in teaching these unique individuals, about what real coaching meant (patience, unconditional love, nonjudgmental support). We all got to touch our “divine expressions” in playing with each other.

I am now offering ongoing Improv Playshops in Portland. Improv is more than a performance art,  it is a life art (because life isn’t scripted).  I will focus on how to “perform” a magical life rather than how to perform on stage. I will offer an opportunity to learn life skills that will bring out your deepest authentic self in all aspects of life.  For some, Improv will become part of their spiritual practice.

This series of open Playshops focuses on different aspects of life: gaining deeper insights into our authentic self, expressing ourselves in intimate relationships,  creating vibrant, enlivening lives in business, and gaining deeper insights into our authentic self.  In all cases, I encourage participants to get in touch with their unique gifts and express their divine light.

Want to come play with me?

Find out more information on my website or my Improv Your Life!  MeetUp.