When I get asked this question, it often gives me pause. Unlike some relationship coaches who offer ten rules to follow, five mistakes never to make, or the 100 Secrets that promise to hook you the right one, I have a much shorter response.

BE the right one.

BE even more of your unique, original and authentic self. Open your heart and allow it to guide your path.

Are you saying “Yeah, BUT….”  to my simple answer?

I know it is not that easy to tear down all the defense mechanisms that you’ve learned after years of disappointment and hurt from relationships that didn’t work.

Perhaps you are unhappy in a marriage that seems to have lost its spark and you are wondering, did I find the wrong one?

It takes a lot of courage, practice, and imagination to get back to a place of trusting in love and opening your heart once more.  You must look at the world and your relationships as if they are new discoveries, new adventures to explore.

When you want to explore relationships at a deep level, you must get off the worn-out paths so you can uncover what you most value and want in relationships. I don’t offer rules—they are for children and sports events. I want people to experience relationships that express their souls not just be part of a relationship that looks like “it’s supposed to”.

What are you doing to create the relationship that uniquely supports and enhances your life?