“Create a circle facing out in your group of four. Close your eyes. When you hear the word, let your body take that image. Family!”

I let my body tell me how to move. Twisted somewhat like a pretzel, my arms folded around me to comfort and shield vulnerable areas, my stomach and face. I thought about how complicated was the simple world “Family”. When I turned and opened my eyes, I saw the diversity of images made in my circle.

Participating in Friday’s workshop in Theater of the Oppressed (TO) with Radha Ramaswamy was an exciting exploration into a new set of theatre games and exercises “designed to enhance sensitivity in human communication”. A theme that is perfectly in line with what Improv Your Life! and Quantum Leaders is creating.

To my surprise, the activities were similar to the ones I already offered in our Playshops with only slight variations. This TO practitioner from Bangalore, India was also teaching fundamental principles to help people be better communicators, more expressed and more effective in life.

The world feels wonderfully small and close when I can share “change” ideas with someone from India in my own back yard. We both want to help people be flexible and agile in a changing world. We both want communication to be more than “talking” with another. We both want to help people express themselves as both an inner and outer dialogue.

Effective communication is becoming critical in getting along with such a diverse, complicated and complex world. That means communicating in business, with family, and in communities. It requires more than simple listening to have meaningful change (what we call extraordinary impact). To be the change, we must rekindle our desire for change and rediscover our ability to create the change we desire.

People are hungry for more. When we introduced Creating Extraordinary Impact: The True Purpose of Business and Life at Esalen in Big Sur last year, participants wanted to go deeper and longer. This year we are offering longer workshops and retreats, going deeper to help people discover what their soul cries out for and how to be that and more in the world. Join us in Vallecitos in September or write us to get on our mailing list.