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What Drives Productivity

What Drives Productivity

In today's fast-paced business world, maximizing productivity is a constant pursuit. Traditional approaches often focus solely on individual skills and capabilities, neglecting a crucial factor:...

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Transforming Your Business Into a Living Organization

Featured guest on the Leaders of Transformation Podcast. Listen

The Organization is not a Machine; it is a Person

Featured guest on the Great Conversations Podcast. Listen

Featured Books

The Living Organization

By Norman Wolfe

The pressure on CEOs and other leaders to create results while balancing an increasing diversity of opposing demands is reaching oppressive levels. Leaders sense a breakdown of our existing approaches to business. The framework used to guide their efforts and create successful outcomes no longer produces the same results. The Living Organization® delivers a new model that transforms the best of what worked before and expands it to provide new life and growth for organizations.

Improv Your Relationships

By Jane Wolfe

Build relationships that support the life you want to create. Improv Your Relationships will help you create healthy connections with others while expressing your authentic self. Drawing from 20+ years of performing and teaching improvisational theater, Jane Wolfe applies the principles of improv to building vibrant, inspired relationships. Whether you seek to improve your most intimate relationships or enhance your group relationships, you will find just what you need in this book.

Quantum Leaders Foundation Course

with Norman Wolfe & Jane Wolfe

This on-demand course of The Living Organization® System is a 12-lesson personal study designed to expand the attendee’s overall sphere of influence, well-being and life potential.

  • 1. You will learn to use energy to your benefit and be less tossed about by the unexpected changes life brings.
  • 2. You will create a Strategic Compass to support and complete your purpose in life.
  • 3. You will widen your worldview and let in more of what you want.

Join a growing network of peers knowing that you and your team lead more effectively.

The Living Organization® System (TLOS™) is a new way of thinking about business by uncovering the hidden forces in organizations. TLOS is a paradigm shift integrating business management with personal and collective transformation.

Through a complete system of elegant frameworks, practical tools, and a CEO Peer Community, our certified TLOS Guides help you lead more effectively.

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