Hi all, I am back from my week long spiritual retreat and a week of catching up for being gone for a week.

This morning I picked up a book that has been sitting around for over 6 months and I was really blown away.  It is called Spiritual Capital by Danah Zohar and Ian Marshal.  Just as Daniel Goldman’s work on emotional intelligence (EQ) expanded our long standing notions of intelligence as embodied in mental intelligence (IQ).  I feel the authors have now laid out the next evolution of our understanding of intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).

IQ is our intelligence to makes sense of the physical world and world of matter and facts.  EQ is our ability to make sense and operate within the social world, the world of relationships and connections.  And the next evolution of our understanding will take us to SQ, our ability to make meaning of our world.  It is our ability to understand the deeper purpose and values and to work in ways that align with these deeper meanings.

This is the next wave for human and organizational development.