Why should I care about Spiritual Intelligence, especially in business?  The simple answer is because it will increase velocity.

The number one requirement for every organization is to achieve the desired results; the bottom line is the bottom line.  And the faster an organization can move through its process the greater will be its return.  Whether we think in terms of time to market, or return on investment, everything about business is time dependent.

What does improving the spiritual intelligence of individuals and an organization have to do with increasing velocity?  Simple – the higher the spiritual intelligence the higher will be the level of maturity we see in the employees and the higher the level of maturity the quicker they will respond to what matters most.

Let me leave you with a simple example.  Take any group of people and imagine them low on the maturity scale.  What you will observe are individuals who are highly defensive, protective and territorial.  Their own needs will dominate that of the teams.  By contrast a group of individuals who are high on the maturity scale, high in IQ, EQ and SQ will respond almost entirely for the best interest of the group, they will not be defensive, when a mistake is made they will acknowledge and move on to what matters most.