At the end of the day, every CEO, every executive – and for that matter – every person, is working toward one goal – to bring about a desired outcome.

Whether it’s a certain growth level or profit margin, access to greater resources, or on a more personal note – a certain relationship or even a particular event, we are all interested in manifesting a specific outcome.

Manifesting is the process of bringing into physical reality a desired outcome.  To realize your path to success, it’s essential to understand energy fields and how they work to bring the desired outcome into physical reality. With this understanding, you stand a better chance of creating success day in and day out.

If we accept the principle of the First Law of Thermodynamics – everything is energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed – and we truly apply it everywhere, then it would make sense that everything exists as some form of energy.  Energy as physical form and energy that precedes physical form.  Manifestation is then a process of transforming energy from its source state to your desired results.

The Living Organization® model is the framework we, at Quantum Leaders, use to help explain this process.  The “Source State,” the starting place from which all results emanate, in our model is called the Collective Context field.

It is called by other names in other disciplines.  For example, in Quantum Physics it is called the “field of infinite possibilities,” in psychology, Carl Jung refers to it as the “Collective Unconscious.” It is also referenced in most spiritual traditions.  Some examples are: The Tao, Ain-Sof, Brahman, God our Father, etc. Whatever discipline one follows or name one wants to call it, IT is clear that we are guided to understand that such a source state of energy exists.

Three Keys to Manifest Your Desired Outcome and Ensure Your Success:

  1. INTENTION acts as a magnet to draw energy to it. The stronger the intention the more energy will be attracted to it.
  2. STORIES increase the strength of the Intention Field, and its attraction force, by reinforcing the belief about the possibility and reality of the intention.
  3. ACTIONS that support, and are supported by intention and a story, will move the energy from the field of potential energy to kinetic energy – from its original unmanifest state to physical form.

For a CEO or anyone who is interested in creating a desired outcome, it would be beneficial to understand and learn to work with these energy fields to bring the desired outcome into physical reality.  These energies and forces are impacting your results even as you read this, only they may be controlling you more than you are controlling them.