Quantum Leaders
Foundation Course

with Norman & Jane Wolfe

Are You Seeking A Way To
Create Extraordinary Impact In Your Life?

Welcome to Quantum Leaders, where everyone makes an impact. For us, a leader is a person that influences their groups and relationships at the highest level possible. A Quantum Leader is a person who uses their influence to create extraordinary impact in every sphere of their life. Join us now and become a Quantum Leader.


  • You will learn to use energy to your benefit and be less tossed about by the unexpected changes life brings.
  • You will create a Strategic Compass to support and accomplish your purpose in life.
  • You will widen your world view and let in more of what you want.
Jane Wolfe
I create and facilitate unique programs to help leaders become better communicators and innovators, becoming more skillful in responding to life’s opportunities and challenges. In other words, I help leaders have their voices heard in an ever-changing world.

Norman Wolfe
As an executive and leader, and then as a coach and consultant to many other leaders, one question dominated my thinking; “how do we improve our ability to get the results we want?”

So How Does Any Of This Help Me And My Life?
What Does It Take To Be A Quantum Leader?
How Can I Get Started?

The Quantum Leaders Foundation Course Includes These 12 Unique Lessons.

  • Are You Ready – let us begin the journey
  • Overview of Creating Extraordinary Impact
  • What’s Your Context – this is where it gets interesting
  • Strategic Compass – one of our core concepts
  • True Nature of Relationships – it’s not what you expect
  • True Nature Of Relationships Part II – completing the circle
  • Wisdom of the Heart Part I – a Quantum Leader basic
  • Wisdom Of The Heart Part II – applying the wisdom
  • Expressing Your Soulful Purpose Part I – another core concept
  • Expressing Your Soulful Purpose Part II – putting it all into action
  • Aligning Your World – and all those you lead
  • Change Your Context, Change Your World – putting it all together

Plus Three Bonus Meditations that will allow you to listen to your soul! These informative lessons:

  • Help guide you to fulfilling your dreams
  • Increase your overall effectiveness in everything you do
  • Allow you to be in the driver’s seat of your own destiny

Now is the time to experience your life filled with Power and Purpose

The benefits of our Quantum Leaders Foundation Course are priceless. This Personal Study Program is designed to support you in your quest for applying the latest knowledge in leadership to expand your overall sphere of influence, well-being and life potential. This revolutionary knowledge and applying it to every aspect of your personal life, work, home and at play, is the focus of our journey together.

Take advantage of the quality and ease of this course. Whether your best times are mornings or evenings, you’ll be able to read and listen to the recorded sessions at your own convenience. Experience the transformational power of this knowledge and apply it immediately.

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