In today’s fast-paced business world, maximizing productivity is a constant pursuit. Traditional approaches often focus solely on individual skills and capabilities, neglecting a crucial factor: maturity. On The Living Organization Podcast, Norman Wolfe, sheds light on how a broader understanding of productivity can unlock greater results.

“Productivity isn’t just about how much workers can produce in a period of time; true productivity is the value delivered per unit of effort.”

When value was simply the value of the product, it made sense to measure productivity in terms of products produced per unit of time.  But increasingly value is defined as product value plus experiential value.    At a local convenience store we pay $1.45 for a large cup of coffee.  At a Barista espresso shop we pay $6.50.  The product price is $1.45 but the total value is much higher because of the experience value.

“Today we have to look beyond the capacity of the organization to produce goods. We have to look at the capacity to provide high level of experience, and experience is tied to human relationships.” 

Wolfe explains that a better way to view productivity is the capacity to produce products plus the maturity necessary to have highly effective relationships in a very complex world.

He goes on to explain maturity encompasses three key elements.

  • Big picture thinking.
  • Relationship skills.
  • Self-improvement mindset.

“When organizations increase capacity by increasing capabilities to produce and maturity to interact with others in challenging situations, they will spend less effort in creating greater value.”

A manufacturing company recently focused on developing the maturity of their executive team using TLO Contribution Agreement™ structure.  This led to freeing up the CEO’s time, increased collaboration across departments, increased innovative solutions from department staffs creating a more engaged committed staff.  This in turn created a faster product development cycle time, reduction in COGS, and increased customer loyalty.  All leading to increased revenue, without increasing staff.  True productivity gain.

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