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Success is determined by having a clear roadmap to guide your journey and the ability to execute it. Execution is a function of your Capacity, which is determined by the capabilities and maturity of the leadership, the people, and the processes.

Development Roadmap

With The Living Organization® Approach the roadmap goes beyond just establishing a list of activities. We help you create inspiring stories that bring the roadmap to life and engage the creative passions of the whole organization. It literally gives life, meaning and purpose to the organization.


Translate Your Vision Into Action

Strategic Compass™


Internal & External Assessment

Roadmap & Tracking


Growing Capacity

With The Living Organization® Approach we help you build an integrated, holistic solution that increases capability and maturity leading to growth and the realization of your desired impact.

Working with the interdependence of Leadership, People and Processes we design the specific engagement based on your unique needs, using a variety of tools, assessments, trainings, workshops and one-on-one coaching:

Leadership Development


People Development


Process & Operational Improvement

Our Products

The Living Organization

Norman Wolfe

A new paradigm for both organizational management and personal transformation, the Living Organization is built on the ARC Framework (also known as Wolfe’s Law) and is the first successful integration of old-world methodologies with new-thought introspection.

Improv Your Relationships

Jane Wolfe

Build relationships that support the life you want to create. Improv Your Relationships will help you create healthy connections with others while expressing your authentic self. Engage with the author in this exciting adventure of bringing relationships to life!

Quantum Leaders Foundation


This Personal Study Course, taught by Norman and Jane Wolfe, is designed to support you in your quest for quantum knowledge, providing you the potential to expand your well-being and your life possibilities. Learn more about our online course.

The Living Organization®

A New Framework For Business Success

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Become a Board-Ready Leader

Become a Board-Ready Leader

I was invited to speak to the Virtual Advisory Board, UK Chapter.  This is an article that appeared in VAB Newsletter, March 2021 issue.  It is a summary of my talk to the YPO chapter on how to become a board-ready leader. Vitaly talked about how changes brought...

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The Living Organization® and Teal

The Living Organization® and Teal

Teal organization as presented in the book Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux provides a wonderful model of the evolution of organizations.  It draws from the work of Spiral Dynamics, a psychological model that highlights and names stages of development. It...

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