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Norman Wolfe

Norman Wolfe

Keynote Speaker Norman Wolfe uses The Living Organization® approach to address areas of strategy, change adoption, process improvement, customer experience, and organization design. This methodology improves the efficiency of business processes, increases innovation, and develops your people’s talents, energy, and engagement.

Vitaly Geyman

Vitaly Geyman

Vitaly Geyman is committed to guiding leaders to understand the motivating forces underlying their actions. Vitaly believes that the combination of what individuals do and how they show up is critical to uncovering how that leader can make a real impact in the world.

What people are saying:

Your role as a presenter was instrumental in ensuring the success of the NHRMA 2013 Conference & Tradeshow. The time and expertise you shared with this year’s attendees was greatly appreciated. We are pleased that the comments we received were exceedingly positive.”

Brianna Plink
National Human Resources Management Association

“Thank you for being the Keynote speaker for our 5th Annual Conference. Your engaging and enthusiastic talk kicked off the conference with a high degree of positive energy. You received overwhelmingly positive marks and comments based on our attendee feedback survey, and we are very thankful for your contribution to our 2013 conference.”

Richard Coley
ASQ 0627 Section Chapter Chair


The Living Organization®

The Board’s Role in Strategy

The 3 Truths of Business

Long Term vs. Short Term Planning

Why CEOs Need Development

Is The Corporation a Soulless Machine, a Living Entity or Both

Implications for Strategic Planning

Will Boards Insist on CEO Coaching?

Developing a Strategic Roadmap

Identifying Your Soulful Purpose

The 7 Keys to Creating Extraordinary Impact

Improv Mind Set

Wisdom of the Heart

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