Keynote Topics

  • The Living Organization®
  • The Board’s Role in Strategy
  • The 3 Truths of Business
  • Long Term vs. Short Term Planning
  • Why CEOs Need Development
  • Is The Corporation a Soulless Machine, a Living Entity or Both
  • Implications for Strategic Planning
  • Will Boards Insist on CEO Coaching?
  • Developing a Strategic Roadmap
  • Identifying Your Soulful Purpose
  • The 7 Keys to Creating Extraordinary Impact
  • Improv Mind Set
  • Wisdom of the Heart

Keynote Speaker Norman Wolfe uses The Living Organization® approach to areas of strategy, change adoption, process improvement, customer experience and organization design. This methodology improves the efficiency of business processes, increases innovation, and develops the talents, energy and engagement of your people.

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Keynote Speaker Norman Wolfe has spent over 35 years working in a variety of organizations from Fortune 500s to technology startups. He is a 15-year veteran of Hewlett Packard where he was known as a turnaround agent in the systems engineering, service, administration and sales organizations.

A strong business leader with a track record of producing results, Wolfe recognized that secret behind achieving high levels of execution could be found at the intersection of Activity, Relationships, and Context (See Wolfe’s Law). Using The Living Organization® approach to areas of strategy, change adoption, process improvement and organizational redesign, he not only improved the efficiency of business processes, but also developed the talents, energy and maturity of his people.

By becoming an expert in both process improvement and interpersonal dynamics, Wolfe has created millions of dollars in value for the CEOs and boards he’s advised.


“Thank you for being the Keynote speaker for our 5th Annual Conference. Your engaging and enthusiastic talk kicked off the conference with high positive energy that remained throughout the day. Your approach and outlook for quality professionals was just what was needed to infuse a different and provocative way quality professionals could improve their efforts of engagement within all industries. You received overwhelmingly positive marks and comments based on our attendee feedback survey and we are very thankful of your contribution to our 2013 conference.”

—Richard Coley, ASQ 0627 Section Chapter Chair

“Your role as a presenter was instrumental in ensuring the success of the NHRMA 2013 Conference & Tradeshow. The time and expertise you shared with this year’s attendees was greatly appreciated. We are pleased that the comments we received were exceedingly positive.”

— Brianna Plink, National Human Resources Management Association

The Living Organization®

A New Framework For Business Success

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