Tired of failing to meet your annual targets? This podcast explores a wholistic  approach to business success, focusing on all aspects of execution including capability and maturity of the organization.

Guest: Norman Wolfe, Founder of Living Organization and CEO of Quantum Leaders Inc.  

Key Takeaways:  

  • Shift the mindset. See the organization as a living person, not a machine. Traditional planning often ignores the human dynamics that can hinder execution

  • Instead of just focusing on goals and activities, consider the underlying beliefs and context that determine people’s behavior. 
  • Assess your organization‘s maturity. Can your people think strategically, accept broader responsibilities, and adapt to change? 

  • Develop a “strategic compass.” Articulate your organization‘s deep meaningful purpose, the impact, it will make and character it will live by. 

  • Understand your business model. How do you create and deliver value? 
  • Integrate people development with goal achievement. Use the organization‘s goals as the catalyst to help team members grow their capabilities and maturity, thus increasing the capacity to execute.

Do you want to improve your organization‘s capacity to execute more effectively.  Let’s discuss if this is the right fit for your organization and you as a leader.

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