During my 35 plus years of leading organizations and helping other CEOs lead their organizations I have been seeking to understand and then explain what is required to successfully create sustainable growth.  The Living Organization™ model is the culmination of that journey.

I have chosen to name my upcoming book “The Living Organization ™: the Physics and Spirit of Business”, because during my quest I came upon two major discoveries.  The first major breakthrough I made in my understanding is that organizations are systems that direct the flow of energy transforming it into the desired results.  Hence much of what we experience in business can be seen as the physics of business and many of the laws of physics and energy apply to the creation of desired results.

The second major breakthrough was when I recognized that corporations are living systems.  Like all living systems they have a soulful reason for existing.  And just as all living entities are unique, though they may share many similarities; each corporation is equally unique even though they share similar markets and products.  And their soulful purpose defines the unique way they are meant to serve their markets and hence society overall.  When I realized that all corporations have a soulful purpose meant to serve society, I recognized that there is a deeper purpose and meaning, a spirit, to business and commerce.

Since The Living Organization™ model is intended to describe both the physics and spirit of business let me start with the physics….