The Living Organization® System

A paradigm shift integrating business management with personal and collective transformation.
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I maintain focus.

“For over 8 years, I have relied on the advice, guidance, and caring support of Quantum Leaders’ CEO, Norman Wolfe. He has helped me maintain focus, keeping me true to my soulful purpose as I navigated many challenges and hurdles growing my business. With his guidance implementing the principles of The Living Organization System, I was able to double the valuation of my company over 4 years and put into place an exit strategy that maximized my investment.”

Brian Corekin
Founder | Monster Electrical Inc.

It liberated me.

“Working with Quantum Leaders produced many unexpected benefits. Their TLOS™ process helped me shift from working in the business to working on the business and liberated me from many tactical tasks and responsibilities. It gave me a clearer perspective of how to position the company for greater impact. And most importantly, I developed an in-depth understanding of my people’s needs and motivations, which helped me build a much more committed and engaged team.”

Dorian Flowers
President | ThinkBox312

How we support your organization’s journey.



Every team faces short-term challenges on their journey. An organization at this junction can benefit from a fresh, unbiased perspective to get past this roadblock. From leadership coaching to various short-term projects, we offer a variety of ways to get your organization back on track.


All journeys begin with an understanding of where your organization is now.

Our readiness assessments are foundational by identifying forces working for and against you. This highlights your team’s strengths and growth opportunities.

Readiness Assessments are the starting point of Immersive Consulting and are available as a standalone offering.


Our fully-immersive consulting engagement focuses on the full range of The Living Organization® System.

The journey starts with the shift in perspective to see your organization as a living entity and evolves to ongoing guided executions.

Get started on your journey.


We will develop a tailored plan to meet your most pressing needs following the intro consultation. This co-created arrangement will start you on a journey to tap your organization’s full potential.


Schedule a free 1-hour intro consultation to see if we’re a good fit. You’ll speak with one of our certified TLOS™ Guides about your most pressing challenges.


As we deliver on what we promised, you will begin to enjoy the success that comes with high-impact teams all working together effectively.

Join a growing network of peers knowing that you and your team lead more effectively.

The Living Organization® System (TLOS™) is a new way of thinking about business by uncovering the hidden forces in organizations. TLOS is a paradigm shift integrating business management with personal and collective transformation.

Through a complete system of elegant frameworks, practical tools, and a CEO Peer Community, our certified TLOS Guides help you lead more effectively.

Want to learn how the outcomes you experience are created? Learn and apply the 7 Keys to Create Extraordinary Impact for you, your organization, and our world.

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