Organization as a Living Being

How we view organizations has a lot to do with how we address our challenges and opportunities.

The traditional view sees organizations as machines to be programmed, streamlined and optimized. Efficiency and predictability are the core principles

Viewed as a living system we see the wider environment, an ecosystem of interdependent entities working together for the good of the whole.

Viewing it as a living being with a soul, a heart and a personality shifts our focus to nurturing and developing it to reach its fullest capability and maturity.


Machine The Living Organization®
Produces Creates
System of Discrete Components Organic Interdependent
Does As It Is Told Learns and Adopts
Purpose Is To “Do” Purpose Is To Serve
Predict and Control Sense and Respond
Transactional Relationships

The Living Organization® Framework, includes all the aspects of optimization and efficiency and extends beyond that. It includes the relational aspect of living beings and also the deeper driving forces that are created by one’s context.

The Living Organization®

A New Framework For Business Success

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