The Seven Keys

How Are The Outcomes I Experience Created?

The Living Organization® Framework explains how life works, your role in it and the practice that will increase your ability to create more of the outcomes you want. Learn and apply the 7 Keys to Create Extraordinary Impact for you, your organization, and our world.

1st Key – Life is a movie (The Law of Manifestation)

There are four required components to see a movie. A source of white light which contains every frequency of color. A film strip that filters out all frequencies except for the one that represent the images desired. A focusing mechanism and a screen to reflect it back to us.

The movie projection is a fairly close metaphor to explain how we create our physical world. The source “light” is the infinite energy of the universe, the film strip is you and me, the focusing mechanism is where we place our attention and the projection screen is our 3D holographic physical world.


2nd Key – The three fields of energy (Wolfe’s Law)

Through us, the infinite field of energy is divided into three key fields of energy: Activity, Relationship and Context.

The three fields interrelate with each other according to Wolfe’s Law determining the outcomes and impact we create.


3rd Key – Follow the Wisdom of the Heart

The rational mind, while important to creating our outcomes, can only go so far. Its information is limited to only what we know and ignores the realm of the imaginative and intuitive. The Wisdom of the Heart is a path to developing the skill of combining the rational to the intuitive. It allows us to accept life as it is and opens us to a wealth of options. It also opens us to compassion and connection with our deeper selves and that of others enhancing our relationships.


4th Key – Live with an Improv Mindset

Life is complex and unpredictable. No matter how you plan, some event will turn up that was totally unforeseen.  An Improv Mindset helps you take advantage of the surprise opportunities and challenges of life. It helps you flow naturally with whatever shows up. The art of living life with an Improv mindset is a skill required to live with innovation and flexibility.


 5th Key – Storytelling and Ritual

Key to working with the energy of the Context field is the ability to weave a new pattern that will serve to carry you and your organization in the direction you want to go. Storytelling is as old as mankind and through the stories we tell we create meaning of our world. Through the art of storytelling we direct the flow of energy into the new pattern and secure it into place with the rituals we create.


6th Key – Integrating Opposites

Not only is life increasingly more complex it is also more ambiguous. There are no longer simple clear choices, no clear-cut solutions, no black or white answers. Paradox and opposing points of view are the norm. Learning to go from either/or to both/and allows us to integrate the best of opposites while minimizing the negative aspects of either. Rather than fight against, we learn to include and integrate.


7th Key – New Leadership

Whether we a leading our personal life or an organization of thousands. Leadership moves beyond planning, organizing and controlling. We apply the other 6 skills to be of service to ourselves, others and our world. We set the energy of the Context field by being clear and explicit about who we are, our Soulful purpose, what we believe and the impact we are making. We focus on development, ourselves and the people we work with. We build community to increase a stronger sense of belonging. This puts us in alignment with Life itself and allows us to experience the joy of creating extraordinary impact.