When I got married, we were both mature enough to know that the ceremony was just the beginning of who we would become as “Us”. It was just the beginning of our roles as “husband” and “wife”.

The “Us” that we agreed to be became a container out of which we viewed the world.  The vows we exchanged framed our positions on commitments, personal growth, stepcoupling, and a myriad of other issues.

Ten years later, this container is still guiding us on our changing and expanding relationship:

  • We agree to invest in our relationship, to take care of “Us” first (taking care of Us keeps each of us in a win/win position).
  • We agree to move forward in our lives, as individuals, so we can be our best selves for the other (we hold each other in the best possible light).
  • We experience safety in revealing all of our dark nasties as well as our bright glories, knowing the other’s intention is to stay (we make it safe to be ALL that we can be, good and bad).
  • We experience freedom to immerse ourselves in the relationship, to love and give fully without restraints (we experience love, surrendering to each other and to love itself).

What opportunities or challenges does “Commitment” offer you?