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Q & A Session

Why should you Attend?  What’s in it for you?

The Living Organization Framework is a new way of understanding what an organization is and how they create outcomes.  This new way of looking helps leaders and change agents make a greater impact on both the results AND the environments the create.

As with all new ideas, there are always a host of questions about what is the real value, why should I spend my time learning this new way.

We have set up this Q&A session to give you the opportunity to get answers to your questions so you can come to an informed choice about the value for you of participating in our Introduction to TLO Workshop

Bring your curiosity, bring you skepticism and lets engage in a exciting conversation.

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Event Details

Time Commitment:
1 hour


Next Date:
March 25, 2021
8AM Pacific

Norman Wolfe of Quantum Leaders
I help leaders create extraordinary results.

Based on over 40 years of researching how results are created, how individuals and organizations create the outcomes they get, I developed The Living Organization® Framework to ensure they get more of what they want and less of what they don’t want.

With 15 years as an executive with Hewlett-Packard and over 30 years consulting to CEOs and Boards of companies large and small across a range of industries Norman knows what it takes to successfully execute any strategy.

Norman is the founder and CEO of Quantum Leaders.

Vitaly Geyman 

I help leaders shift Collective Mindsets to achieve their strategic objectives with much higher success rates.
Over the last 20 years I worked with over 200 business leaders around the world, with companies such as Amazon, Siemens, Roche, Bayer, Illy, Telstra and many SMEs,  in helping them shift mindsets.
Vitaly is currently a partner with Quantum Leaders applying The Living Organization® framework to create transformative results.

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