I lost a dear friend and partner this past month. Many of you knew Gregg Gallagher, who passed on April 6, 2011 after loosing a brave battle against cancer.

It is very hard for me to put into words my feelings, thoughts and remembrances of Gregg because the experience of knowing him runs much deeper and richer than words can express. The subtle feelings, the smiles in my heart when I think of him. The deep appreciation of all that he has contributed to me over the last six years.

Gregg was my partner in business and my partner in the birthing of The Living Organization model. He would challenge my thinking, add to my thinking and refine my thinking. As author, I may have given the book life but Gregg was its midwife.

It is but a small repayment to acknowledge him in the book by dedicating the book to him (which I asked him if it would be OK during our last few visits together). I am also going to create an annual Gregg Gallagher Award for Excellence in Execution and innovation (anyone who would like to help me get this award nationally recognized would be warmly welcomed).

Gregg also contributed greatly to our business community through volunteering with Tech Biz Connections, AeA (TechAmerica) and other entrepreneurial communities. He was so eager to help innovations find their way into the world and help those who had a dream. I can only imagine the many people who will always remember Gregg for how he helped them.

And one of those people who will always remember how Gregg helped them is me. So to my friend Gregg, I hope you remembered to take your iPad2 or iPhone along because you promised to Tweet us all from where you reside now.

Until we meet again my friend.