In a meeting yesterday I was explaining to the VP of Product Development of a $200 million locally headquarted business the underlying concept of the Quantum Leaders’ model of the 21st century business. And it dawned on me that I don’t often share the underlying precept – business is all about the flow of energy.

Let’s return to a couple of basic concepts of physics. First, energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only change from one form to another. Second, to change something into something else requires the application of energy for the transformation to occur.

All business are fundementally transforming one form into another, whether it is changing raw material into a specific product, or transforming clinets problems into solutions. And it requires the application of energy to facilitate the transformation process.

And where do you thing the majority of energy used for this transformation process comes from? Yes you guessed right, it comes from the people in the organization.

If we accept this premise then we can begin to see the major value of our internal processes. It is to act as an energy waveguide, to direct the flow of energy as frictionless as possible, towards the transformation process. Period!