Do you want to know why 70% of all strategic initiatives fail to achieve their objectives well?

There is usually a pretty good reason behind it.

The good news is this is where Quantum Leaders have spent time creating and building an organisational model.

The other good news is that there is another way that makes achieving results so much easier. Just stop thinking of organizations as a machine and start thinking of it as a living being, and its culture is the organization’s personality.

This is what I what I discuss as a guest on The Culture of Things (TCoT) Podcast, a platform used to discuss all things culture, leadership and teamwork across business and sport. This opportunity has given me the chance to chat on a topic I feel very strongly about which is The Culture of The LivingĀ OrganizationĀ®.

My conversation with Brendan Rogers, host of The Culture of Things (TCoT), concentrates on The Living Organisation Framework which is focused on making organisations much more effective at implementing their strategies because they understand all the dynamic forces which are affecting it.

During this conversation I share four core skill sets of heart-centered wisdom, improv mindset, storytelling & ritual and the benefits which can be gained when you integrate opposites. I even encourage you to dance with conflict along the way.

Click here if you are ready to embrace an easy flow, learn how to problem solve from a different place and achieve outcomes with less stress.